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We want to see all the creative ways you include our Original Tommy’s Chili in your own recipes.  We’ve listed some of our own recipes on this page, and we’d love to see your recipes as well!


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Recipes created by Original Tommy’s



  • Spaghetti Pasta (2 lbs)
  • Original Tommy’s World-Famous Chili (10 oz)
  • Spaghetti Sauce (6 oz)
  • Shredded Cheese (3 oz)

Yields: 6 portions
Shelf Life: 2 days


  1. Cook pasta
  2. Mix chili and spaghetti sauce until well incorporated
  3. Add cooked spaghetti pasta to the sauce and mix until fully coated
  4. Serve and sprinkle with shredded cheese on top of pasta


  1. Serve pasta when hot for the best flavor



  • Pizza dough (one – 12 inch)
  • Original Tommy’s World-Famous Chili (6 oz)
  • Pizza Cheese (3/4 cup)
  • Parmesan Cheese (2 Tbsp)
  • Sliced Yellow Peppers (2 Tbsp)

Yields: 8 slices
Shelf Life: 2 days


  1. Spread chili on pizza dough leaving 1/4 inch border
  2. Evenly sprinkle 1 Tbsp of parmesan cheese on top of chili
  3. Evenly sprinkle the pizza cheese on top of parmesan
  4. Evenly sprinkle the remaining 1 Tbsp of parmesan cheese
  5. Place pizza in the oven for 6 minutes or until the cheese is completely melted
  6. Remove pizza from the oven and cut in 8 pieces, then sprinkle the yellow pepper from edge to edge
  7. Serve


  1. When building pizza always distribute ingredients from outside to middle of pizza dough for better coverage
  2. Serve pizza when hot for best flavor



  • Tortilla Chips (6 oz)
  • Refried Beans (3 oz)
  • Shredded Cheese (4 oz)
  • Original Tommy’s World-Famous Chili (4 oz)
  • Diced Tomatoes (2 oz)
  • Sliced Yellow Peppers (1 oz)
  • Sour cream (2 oz)

Yields: 4 people


  1. Place tortilla chips on a large plate, then spread them out from edge to edge of plate
  2. Spread beans on top of tortilla chips
  3. Sprinkle mix cheese on top of beans, starting from the outside them finish in the center to ensure full coversage
  4. Place plate in microwave and cook for 1:30 minutes or until the cheese is completely melted
  5. Spread the chili from edge to edge on. top of cheese
  6. Sprinkle diced tomatoes on top of chili from edge to edge
  7. Sprinkle diced yellow peppers on top of tomatoes
  8. Top with scoop of sour cream in. the center of presentation
  9. Ready to serve


  1. When building the nachos make sure to distribute ingredients from edge to edge to ensure you get all the ingredients in every bite
  2. You can serve with a scoop of guacamole next to the sour cream if you like