FAQs | Original Tommy's World Famous Hamburgers
Original Tommy's World famous hamburgers

frequently asked questions

  1. Can you ship burgers or tamales internationally?

    - No, we do not ship internationally and we can only ship our chili.

  2. Where should we call to complain about the quality of the food or the experience at a Tommy's restaurant?

    - You can call our corporate office (626-357-9201) or email us at corporate@originaltommys.com

  3. What is the quality standard for Tommy's chili including the bread and the meat?

    - The quality standard for our chili is to be served hot and spicy, bun is well toasted and meat is 100% beef steer meat.

  4. Where can I get the nutritional information for the menu items including the total cholesterol?

    - All Original Tommy's restaurant have nutritional information sheets upon request.

  5. What do you call the yellow pickled chili peppers?

    - Our peppers are Cascabella peppers.

  6. Are we supposed to get a receipt for our order?

    - Yes, all customers should receive a receipt.

  7. Where can I apply for a Tommy's job?

    - You can apply at all restaurants, just ask the manager.

  8. Can I buy a Tommy's T-shirt at any Tommy's restaurant?

    - All our restaurants have shirts, hats, chili to go and peppers in jars.

  9. Can I purchase chili by the gallon at the restaurant?

    - Our restaurants sell Chili To Go in three size containers. The sizes are 8oz, 12oz and 32oz. Four 32oz containers equal a gallon and makes it easy to freeze separately.

  10. Is chili the same in all Tommy's restaurant?

    - All our restaurants prepare our Chili daily and follow the same recipe.

  11. Does Tommy's use "Cheeze Whiz"?

    - No, we don't use cheese whiz. We use extra sharp American blend and Chipotle cheese.

  12. What kind of oil does Tommy's use in frying?

    - We use a liquid soybean product in our fryers.

  13. Does Tommy's offer franchise?

    - We are a family owned company and do not offer franchise.

  14. Does the Breakfast Sandwhich come with a hamburger bun or an english muffin?

    - We offer the customer a choice of a hamburger bun or a English muffin on the breakfast sandwich.

  15. Are all Tommy's stores corporate owned?

    - Yes, all our restaurants are corporate owned.

  16. Does a hamburger always come with chili?

    - Our standard hamburger is a chiliburger but you can request to have it made anyway you like.

  17. Can we ask for extra chili?

    - Yes, many of our customers ask for extra chili and there is no extra charge.

  18. Where do we get information on the ingredients of the menu items for allergy purposes?

    - For information concerning allergy you can email us at corporate@originaltommys.com.

  19. How often does Tommy's make fresh chili?

    - Our restaurants make chili based on volume of sales but most make a fresh batch daily and many twice a day.

  20. Will Tommy's expand to the East Coast?

    - We can't say never but we don't have any current plan to expand to the East Coast.