Frequently Asked Questions

Historical black and white photo of crowds at Original Tommy's restaurant

How often does Tommy’s make fresh chili?

Our restaurants make a fresh batch of chili daily and many twice a day (depending on the volume of sales).

Does a hamburger always come with chili?

Yes, our standard hamburger is a chiliburger but you can request to have it made anyway you like.

Can we ask for extra chili?

Yes. There is no additional charge for extra chili – just ask!

Is the chili prepared the same at all Tommy’s restaurants?

Yes. All our restaurants prepare chili daily and follow the same recipe.

Can I purchase chili by the gallon at the restaurant?

Yes. Our restaurants sell Chili-To-Go in three different sized containers. The sizes are 8oz, 12oz and 32oz. Four 32oz containers equal a gallon and makes it easy to freeze separately.

What is the quality standard for Tommy’s chili including the bread and the meat?

The quality standard for our chili is to be served hot and spicy, the bun is well-toasted and our meat is 100% beef steer meat.

Where can I apply for a Tommy’s job?

You can apply at all restaurants, just ask the manager or check our careers page.

Where can I get information on the ingredients of the menu items for allergy concerns?

You can view our menu allergy information from Our Food page.

Where can I get the nutritional information for the menu items including the total cholesterol?

All Original Tommy’s restaurants have nutritional information sheets upon request. You can also view our nutrition information from Our Food page.

Will Tommy’s expand to the East Coast?

We can’t say never. We currently do not have any plans to expand to the East Coast.

Are all Tommy’s stores corporate owned?

Yes, all our restaurants are corporate owned.

Does Tommy’s offer franchise opportunities?

We are a family-owned company and do not offer any franchise opportunities.

Does the Breakfast Sandwich come with a hamburger bun or an English muffin?

We offer our customers a choice of a hamburger bun or an English muffin for the breakfast sandwich.

What kind of oil does Tommy’s use in frying?

We use a liquid soybean product in our fryers.

What do you call the yellow pickled chili peppers?

Our peppers are Cascabella peppers.

Are we supposed to get a receipt for our order?

Yes, all customers should receive a receipt.

Where should we call if we have a complaint or concern about the quality of the food or the experience at a Tommy’s restaurant?

You can call our corporate office at 626-357-9201 or use our Contact Us form.

Can you ship burgers or tamales internationally?

As of January 2022, we are currently not shipping our chili.  Once we start offering our Chili-To-Go shipping program, we will make an announcement on social media.  We are not able to ship food outside of the U.S.